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Students of this course are taken through the design, construction and operation of the facilities, essential for modern life ranging from transportation systems such as roads, railways, bridges, highways, waterways and to look after the day to day needs such as water supply & public health, water treatment plant & supply, energy efficient building etc. Civil engineers are problem solver, meeting the challenges of population, traffic congestion, drinking water & energy needs, urban redevelopment and community planning. We aim at developing out students into professional engineers who can occupy an essential position in the socioeconomic development of the nation.

After undergoing the common subjects in basic science in the first two semester, the students undergo courses in building drawing, surveying & leveling, structure analysis & design, strength of material, open channel hydraulics and concrete technology in semester 3 and 4.

The laboratory practical work for this course includes surveying, strength of materials, concrete technology, computer aided design and drafting, open channel hydraulics, hydraulic machinery, Geotechnical, transportation & environmental engineering

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