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The fascination with electricity began in ancient Greece when electric charges were produced by rubbing amber. It keeps growing with every new discovery and we have come to a stage where life without electricity is almost impossible. Electrical and Electronics Engineering has evolved into an exciting high technology discipline covering a wide spectrum of engineering activities. For young people, it provides employment opportunities of various natures.

Objective of the department

• To impart excellent knowledge and skills in emerging technology to the students.
• To guide students in personality development and communication skills.
• To promote research activities in the fields of Power Systems & Power Electronics Engineering.
• To organize training programs / workshops for upgrading staff and student performance.
• To strengthen Industry-Institute Interaction.
• To publish technical papers in National / International journals and to present papers in conferences.
• To improve campus placements in core areas of electrical and electronics engineering.
• To maintain good relationship with alumni.


1. Electrical Machines Laboratory
2. Electric Circuits Laboratory
3. Power Electronics Laboratory
4. Control System Laboratory
5. Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory
6. Power System Simulation Laboratory


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