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This department is the common entry point for all the students of the under-graduate programmers of engineering. The department has lecturers and professors to teach English, Mathematics, physics, Chemistry subjects with engineering orientation. The first year curriculum has foundation level engineering courses too, viz. Basic Civil Engineering, Basic Mechanical Engineering, Basic Electrical Engineering and Basic Electronics Engineering. In addition of these, the students get training in laboratory practices in physics, chemistry, Engineering basic Drawing, and Engineering Workshop. The engineering subjects are taught by the respective engineering faculty.

The laboratories and workshops are fully equipped to give the required training practice to the students. The hands-on training in the basic science and engineering practices give the students a first-hand feel of engineering shop practice. The closely supervised practical sessions that entail necessary tools and apparels, help the students develop an engineering character-a prime object of the entire study.

Department of Physics :

There are a good number of costly and valuable equipments such as laser, Fiber-optic kit, and Four-probe instrument for the determination of energy gap, Photographic equipments, Polar meter, Hysteresis apparatus, and ultrasonic interferometer apart from the routine ones. The Physics laboratory can accommodate 30 students at a time to do the Practical individually.


Equipment details: The laboratory is fully equipped with all the instruments given in the syllabus such as ultrasonic interferometer, Fiber – optic communication kit, He – Ne Laser source, spectrometer, Hall – Effect apparatus, Polar meter etc.

Department of Chemistry :

Chemistry Laboratory can accommodate 30 students at a time. It has all the modern facilities to conduct the practical. We are having all the required electrical equipments such as Deionizer, Flame Photometer, Spectra Photometer, Digital conductivity meter, Digital Potentiometer, Digital pH meter and Digital balance. We are having the expertise to analyses the cement and water on a commercial basis in our laboratory.


Equipment details: The laboratory is fully equipped with all the instruments given in the syllabus such as Flame photometer, Spectrophotometer, Viscometer, Digital Conductivity meter, Digital Potential meter, Digital pH meter, Deionizer, Hot air oven, Digital Electronic weighing balance and adequate apparatus and glass wares.

Our Chemistry laboratory is having the facility to do the practical for 30 students simultaneously.

Department of Mathematics :

The department has been successful in supporting the Engineering faculty with a consistent track record. Presently, the department has been providing support to PG courses in Engineering and Computer applications. It provides a reasonable analytical outlook, logical reasoning and a Mathematical bent of mind, to the students through problem-solving. The students are given a good training to familiarize with the concepts applied to Engineering. Special evening classes are conducted for students who find it difficult to cope with mathematics.

Department of English :

To meet the requirements of this competitive IT and software world, the management of MNSK pioneered in establishing a Digital Multimedia Language Lab with 60 computers. The primary objective of the lab is to provide the students with various types of behavioral approaches in communication such as listening, writing, body language, presentation skills. They are taught here how to face an interview board and group discussion. The training brings about a transformation in the students' behavior and facilities them in achieving their dream of getting immediate placements.

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