Hostel life is one of the most enjoyable times of one's life and this is no exception as far as MNSKCE Hostel is concerned. Every hostel in the institute gives each individual ample opportunity to develop many qualities. It's easy to make friends here. The comfortable atmosphere, the air of geniality and joviality makes everyone feels at home. After the initial homesickness, it actually does feel like a home in the later stages.

Hostel life revolves basically around discipline, duty and devotion. Where these three are concerned much is expected from students. A very high standard of discipline is demanded. Infringement of discipline would be viewed gravely by the hostel authorities; students must therefore ensure that there is absolutely no lapse on their part on this count.

MNSKCE Hostels

Every effort has been made at the MNSK College of Engineering, Pudukkottai to provide the best facilities for students. Every student has access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support. Besides the regular hostel dining facilities, there are affordable food services on campus that provide inexpensive and easily accessible lunchtime or evening options.

  »  Separate hostel for Boys and Girls.

  »  Well furnished two / three / four sitter rooms with all facilities required by the students.

  »  Homely food.

  »  Purified drinking water.

  »  Wi-Fi connectivity.

  »  Sports facility.

  »  First Aid facility

  »  T.V. facility in common room.

  »  24 Hrs security.

  »  Daily Newspaper & Magazines Facility.



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